People Holding a Framed Accreditation Document
Law Enforcement Accreditation

Achieving accredited status by the CFA (Commission for Law Enforcement Accreditation) is a state and national quality recognition process. To be recognized, an agency must pass a rigorous inspection, examination and review of all written policies and procedures, and prove adherence to those mandates in all areas. Management standards, operations and support services are likewise inspected and all the above must be found in compliance with more than 250 "Standards of Excellence". Accreditation, which is voluntary for agencies within the State of Florida, must be re-evaluated, inspected and reviewed every three years in order for agencies to retain their accredited status.

The Lake Mary Police Department was first awarded accredited status by the CFA in October 2005 and received re-accreditation for the fourth time in July 2017. It should be noted that all eight police agencies in Seminole County are accredited which was a first in the State of Florida.

Undergoing the CFA Accreditation process provides an agency with a "Quality Assurance Review", which ensures on-going, intense self-scrutiny. Daily attention to refining policies, procedures and processes ensures continuing improvement in efficiency and effectiveness in our agency's operations. Reaching accredited status is a significant accomplishment within the criminal justice community.

By participating in the voluntary Accreditation Program, the Lake Mary Police Department can ensure its citizens that it adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and is among the finest in the state.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Lieutenant Joe Gowen at 407-585-1306, or via email.