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Online Rummage / Garage Sale Permit

  1. Have you held a Rummage or garage sale within the past 12 months?
  2. I hereby acknowledge that the above is correct, and agree to conform to the City of Lake Mary Code of Ordinances, Chapter 113.02 governing rummage sales. I agree to have the authorization from the City available for inspection on the day(s) of the rummage sale at the location stated.

  3. Type in your name as it appears on your drivers license. Your name constitutes acknowledgement of all the terms and conditions listed on this page, and that the information provided is true.

  4. (Applicant’s utility account will be charged $5 for the permit) 113.02 RUMMAGE SALES. (A) A temporary sale of new or previously used merchandise conducted on residential property, which is not dedicated for retail use, for a single duration of no greater than 72 hours. Such merchandise may consist of household goods such as, but not limited to clothes, household appliances, auto parts, stereo equipment, or furniture. (B) No sale of goods, wares, or merchandise, commonly known as a rummage sale, shall be conducted prior to the obtaining of a permit or license for that purpose, and the payment of a permit or license fee. The fee for said permit shall be as established in § 150.05. (C) No household or residence shall be permitted more than two rummage sale permits per calendar year. The use of rummage sales within the city will be limited to a semi-annual (twice annual) occurrence. Churches or not-for-profit organizations are exempt from this section. (D) Any person or persons jointly or severally aggrieved by any decision of the Building Department may apply to the City Manager for relief. The City Manager will consider such things as relocating, death, or out of the ordinary occurrences. (Ord. 8, passed 5-13-74; Am. Ord. 441, passed 8-3-89; Am. Ord. 725, passed 11-17-94) Penalty, see § 10.99

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