General Fire Safety

The Lake Mary Fire Department provides information on overall general fire safety to help protect you and your family from fire.

Smoke Alarms

Your first defense against fire! Over 94% of homes in the United States have smoke alarms; however surveys show that one-third to one-half of those alarms do not work because the battery is either dead or missing. The Lake Mary Fire Department will provide educational material on every aspect of smoke alarms and will gladly assist you in replacing the batteries or installing new alarms.

Home Safety

How to be fire safe in your home -includes such things as the kitchen, exiting, fire places, candles, garages, flammable liquids, grills, etc. We even cover holiday safety!

E.D.I.T.H - Exit Drills in the Home

Plan ahead - because when a fire strikes every second counts. Having a pre-arranged escape plan that you have practiced may save your life in a true emergency. We can help you put your plan together.

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